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Baan Khon Tok , a nice house with the restaurant on the ground floor and the room for rent on the first floor. Our house is situated on Ratchawitee road soi 2 ,near the center of chiangmai city. Therefore it is convenient to find where to eat, to see, to buy, to relax and also to visit interesting places which are not for from Baan khon Tok such as some ole temples, I am proud to tell you that Baan khon Tok is located on the piece of land in the area that was ChiangMai City Arta and cultural center old houses preserved building and area, green area alleys and roads. The local markets, the haudicraft shops, especially the Sunday night market which is very well-known for the tourists was the place which the Great King of Lanna (Northern Thais) decided to build the new city , (the capital of lanna Thai) in 1296 B.E. The monument of our great king is situated in rent of Chiangmai city arts and cultural

Radchawitee Rd. Soi2
Chiang Mai, Thailand


Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Music & Food
Bann Kau Tok (บ้านข้าวตอก) Bann Kau Tok NOW OPEN...
A small Restaurant and bar with a stage where music is played on wednesday, friday and Saturday from 12:00 to midnigh. The owner Mr Aud is one of Thailands best known guitar player and he always invite you to join the band if you like. Here I have experienced a couple of true magic momets.
Bann Kao Tuk On the corner of Mun Muang Road Soi 6 and Ratwithi Road Soi 2 Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand
Tel 053 216458

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